Auto Accidents & Recovery Massage


Auto accidents create a multitude of intricate needs for those who are in recovery.

Given the likely combination of physical pain, head injury and depression,  massage and bodywork can bring relief. With preparation, massage therapy can make a major difference.

In fact, massage can provide some of the most crucial interventions an auto accident survivor needs, including the opportunity to release adrenaline stored in the muscles.

Prior to seeking massage, you must consult with a medical doctor to evaluate the extent of structural, nerve and internal/external injuries to ensure that massage is not contraindicated.

We are able to bill auto insurance companies for massage therapy treatment if you or someone you know has been involved in a motor vehicle accident.

You will need your personal injury medical claim number. You can get that information from your insurance company.

Benefits of massage therapy during recovery from an auto accident

Following a car accident, massage therapy can aid recovery by restoring balance to your autonomic nervous system. Relaxation techniques such as Swedish massage can help reverse the shock and trauma a car wreck can cause your nervous system as a whole.

Massage promotes circulation of blood and lymph, which not only reduces swelling, but assists in “flushing” the injured area with fresh blood rich in nutrients that aid in faster tissue recovery.


Massage therapy can support you on your road to recovery!

Headache by Petr Kratochvil
Crashed Car by Petr Kratochvil